Wileyplus Physics Quiz 1



Chapter 02, Concept Question 03

  1. Figure 2-18 shows four paths along which objects move from a starting point, all in the same time interval. The paths pass over a grid of equally spaced straight lines.

In the following questions, you will need to rank the paths. If multiple paths rank equally, use the same rank for each, then exclude the intermediate ranking (i.e. if objects A, B, and C must be ranked, and A and B must both be ranked first, the ranking would be A:1, B:1, C:3). If all paths rank equally, rank each as ‘1’.

Chapter 02, Concept Question 04

Figure 2-19 is a graph of a particle’s position along an x axis versus time.

Chapter 02, Concept Question 05

Figure 2-20 gives the velocity of a particle moving along an axis. Point 1 is at the highest point on the curve; point 4 is at the lowest point; and points 2 and 6 are at the same height.

Chapter 02, Concept Question 08

The following equations give the velocity v(t) of a particle in four situations: (a) v = 3; (b) v = 4t2 + 2t – 6; (c) v = 3t – 4; (d) v = 5t2 – 3. To which of these situations do the equations of Table 2.1 of the Text-book apply?

Chapter 02, Concept Question 11
Figure 2-23 shows that a particle moving along an x axis undergoes three periods of acceleration. Without written computation, rank the acceleration periods according to the increases they produce in the particle’s velocity, greatest first.