Wileyplus Physics Quiz 4



Chapter 05, Concept Question 02

Two horizontal forces, 
 F1 = (3N)I – (4n)J and Vector F2 = -(1N)I – (2N)J
pull a banana split across a frictionless lunch counter. Without using a calculator, determine which of the vectors in the freebody diagram of the figure best represent
 (a)Vector F1 and (b)Vector F2. What is the net-force component along (c) the x axis and (d) the y axis? Into which quadrants do (e) the net-force vector and (f) the split’s acceleration vector point?

  1. 5
  2. 7
  3. 2N
  4. -6N
  5. X>0, Y<0
  6. X>0, Y<0

Chapter 05, Concept Question 04

At time t = 0, constant force Vector F begins to act on a rock moving through deep space in the +x direction.
Three possible functions of its motion are:
 x = 4t – 3
 x = –4t2 + 6t – 3
 x = 4t2 + 6t – 3

Chapter 05, Concept Question 05

The figure shows overhead views of four situations in which forces act on a block that lies on a frictionless floor. If the force magnitudes are chosen properly, in which situations is it possible that the block is (a) stationary and (b) moving with a constant velocity?

Chapter 05, Concept Question 07

July 17, 1981, Kansas City: The newly opened Hyatt Regency is packed with people listening and dancing to a band playing favorites from the 1940s. Many of the people are crowded onto the walkways that hang like bridges across the wide atrium. Suddenly two of the walkways collapse, falling onto the merrymakers on the main floor.
The walkways were suspended one above another on vertical rods and held in place by nuts threaded onto the rods. In the original design, only two long rods were to be used, each extending through all three walkways (Figure (
a)). Each walkway and the merrymakers on it have a combined mass of M.
Threading nuts on a rod is impossible except at the ends, so the design was changed: Instead, six rods were used, each connecting two walkways (Figure (
b)). It was this design that failed.

Chapter 05, Concept Question 09

The figure shows a train of four blocks being pulled across a frictionless floor by force vector F.

Chapter 05, Concept Question 10

The figure shows three blocks being pushed across a frictionless floor by horizontal force . Force vector F. Vector F21 is the force on block 2 from block 1. Force Vector F32 is the force on block 3 from block 2.